Whether you are having a baby, already have children or simply looking for information on babies or  baby products, What Babies Need hope to have everything you are looking for right here.


what babies needBuying Guides & Reviews

Checking out the top ten best selling or best rated baby products. We sort the good from the bad and get to grips with all the benefits of the different types of equipment available. Helping you choose the best products suit you and your baby’s needs. Click here.


Milestones For Babies

We shall be looking in depth at milestones for babies in our very own baby blog which is currently updated every two weeks. Focusing on baby’s new development week by week. We have also written individual articles on milestones, sharing all our baby tips and tricks along the way.


Baby Essentials

Take a look at our baby product reviews. Here you will be able to have a detailed look at specific products. Bringing you ideas for your baby, to make life with baby even more enjoyable. Check regularly for ideas and inspiration. We have also provided a baby checklist  to help you prepare for your new arrival, without getting swamped by everything else available.


Baby Names

what babies needChoosing a name for your baby can be hardest decision you have to make, and it may take a long time before you find the right name. We have made a shortlist of our most favourite, modern, classic, cutest, most popular girl names and boy names and tips on choosing a name for your baby here.