Creating a life which is now growing inside you until the time he/she is ready for the outside world…amazing! Pregnancy can be hard work, strange things happen to your body that you just have no control of and emotions run crazy! Here are some of my thoughts on what being pregnant meant to me and my life at the time. What are yours?

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Being Pregnant Means…

First trimester


being pregnant means1, Finding out you’re growing a REAL baby in your tummy and sharing your special little secret between you and your partner from the rest of the world for a few weeks (or days).

2, Feeling extremely sick and going off your favourite foods and drink. Getting used to the look of the inside of a toilet. Eating food because it kind of makes you feel better but wondering whether you are going to see it again.

3, Making your first appointment with the midwife and it feeling forever away.

4, Needing a wee all the time.

5, Feeling so tired you find yourself barely making it to 8 o clock before crawling into bed.

6, Getting home from a rather tiring day at work desperate to throw off clothing in exchange for some particularly baggy pyjamas so you can finally let it all hang out.

7, Clinging on to every last bit of developmental knowledge that you can possibly find about your creation, going through them all, even though they all say the same thing but worded in a different way. Occasionally sneaking ahead because you can’t wait to find out what will happen next.

8, Wishing away the days so fast until your first ultra sound scan date comes through but the time seems to be standing still.

9, Sitting in the waiting room before the scan thinking what if I got it wrong and i’m not actually pregnant after all?

10, Noticing all the other pregnant ladies with their bigger bumps and wishing that could be you.

11, Filling your bladder with water as instructed until you are fit to burst, desperately waiting for your name to be called before you pee yourself.

12, Getting the most amazing feeling seeing that tiny little thing on the screen moving around and the relief when you hear confirmation.

13, You are mad for the scan picture of your little one which you can barely make out but are so proud you will show it to anyone that passes you by. You can’t stop staring at this picture and it take pride of place in your home for the coming months.

14, Its time to confirm to the whole world that you and your partner ‘do it’.

15, You take a picture of the scan picture and posting it on your social media pages.

16, Thinking about baby takes over everything else in your mind, you are even dreaming baby.

17, You realise how precious life really is.


Being Pregnant Means…

Second trimester


being pregnant means18, Starting to feel MUCH better and can finally begin to enjoy pregnancy.

19, Buying your new maternity wardrobe and realising pregnant people are apparently meant to have no fashion sense whatsoever.

20, You are not longer in control of what is going on with your body.

21, You eat things you never knew you liked, more often than you like.

22,  You feel your baby moving around for the very first time and it is amazing.

23, Everyone else around are loosing weight, and your getting bigger. Everyone loves to tell you how big you are getting.

24, Starting to look chubby but desperately wanting to look pregnant instead of just having some weight gain.

25, Finding out which friends are your real ones.

26, You suddenly need to guard your growing belly and hold on to it to make sure it’s ok. Anyone who comes near needs to stay behind the guard. You have an overwhelming need to protect your belly, especially in crowds. Anyone who gets too close receives ‘the look’.

27, Fancying all the foods you can’t have even though you don’t usually eat them anyway. ‘ummm I’ll have a medium-rare steak with dippy egg, brie and pate on toast please…’

28, People are always urging you to sit down, god forbid you are ever seen standing anywhere.

29, You plan your trips around toilets, to make sure you are never far from one.

30, You start claiming your partners clothes to wear in the eveningsto give you the extra space and comfort.


Being Pregnant Means…

Third Trimester


being pregnant means31, You can no longer judge how big you are and often bash your belly when closing doors and fitting through spaces.

32, People finally start mentioning your pregnancy now that it is obvious you are pregnant and not just packing a few extra pounds.

33, Needing to pee ALL the time and having a lot of CLOSE situations.

34, You value life and how precious it is more than ever. You see your mum in a different way and have a whole new level of understanding with her.

35, Beautiful hair and nails.

36, Afternoon naps are a must. You can no longer keep your eyes open all day long.

37, Your dignity has gone out of the window and your once private lady parts are now public property.

38, You have to empty your bladder regularly incase of a sneeze or laughing fit causes an accident. knowledge of lavatory where-a-bouts becomes essential before leaving the house.

39, Strangers suddenly start talking to you. The moms on the playground actually acknowledge you as if you were new to the school.

40, Some people have the weird urge to want to touch you.

41, You need to hold up a sign answering all questions before they arise, when’s it due? how’s the baby? do you know what your having? got any names?

42, You get to feel the magical moments of your baby moving around in you womb and getting kicked in the ribs, punched in the bladder and nipped in places you never knew existed.

43, Pregnancy means crying at adverts, sobbing at any program.

44, You find it hard to fall asleep at night now, too much on the mind now to switch off easily.

45, Going for a pee in the night at least twice!

46, Extremely strange dreams!

47, You know you need to start your pelvic floor exercises before it is too late, maybe tomorrow?

48, Leaving your job and your old life behind as you, you have counted down this date for so long but now that it’s here it does’t seem real.

49, Your are now so big you are genuinely worried how much more your body can stretch to house this baby.

50, Braxton hicks so strong your not sure if you are peeing. Now you really do need to sit down and often, but not when people tell you your should be sitting down, that is defiantly when you want to stand up.

51, Strangers start offering you advice on how to go into labour and telling you gruesome horror stories thinking they were being helpful, now you just wish you never knew.

52, You are about to move onto the next chapter in your life and you just can’t wait!

53, You are ready to take on whatever labor is going to throw at you. You just want to get this baby out and finally meet her/him. 


How many of these did you tick off?

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