about meHi I’m Sara, a 31 year old mommy of three cheeky ones. I have a daughter currently age nine, a two-an-a-half year old son and the newest member of our family a baby boy who is now coming up to seven months! (time is flying). My children and my partner are my life. Being a mom of three is truly non-stop, I’m so tired but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Every part of my life revolves around the kids and I love it. I especially enjoy family outings and new experiences.

I absolutely love finding out all about babies. I have created this website to share my findings and my own experiences of parenthood. I believe that excellent knowledge and preparation are the key to successful, happy living!! I also love routing out all the best baby products around. Anything to make life a little easier and more fun has got to be shared.

about me

Life with three kids means is never a dull moment. They create the most amazing entertainment for us all the time. If its not our daughter coming out with the most craziest ideas then its little man discovering the world around him, not to mention baby who is just trying to keep up with the others but knows how to make himself heard. They are all different characters and its beautiful to see how they totally adore each other. Keeping them all entertained and staying sane on the other hand can be hard work.

Having three kids has made us busier than we could have ever imagined, hard work but totally worthwhile. The rewards are endless.

IMG_6330 I hope you enjoy reading my blog and get to take away something useful from it. Please don’t forget to check back for regular updates.

Thanks for looking.