Welcome to our very own live baby blog. Here we talk about baby development week by week including Activities, Baby’s likes and Dislikes, as well as Tips and Saviour of the week.

Our healthy baby boy was born on May 15th 2012 weighing 8lb 7oz.


Baby Development Week By Week

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Month 1

Discussing the delicate first weeks of baby’s life.


Month 2

Here we experience baby’s first smile and settling into some kind of routine. Find out what baby can do in month two here.

  • Week 6, It’s All Smiles.
  • Week 7, Hello Sleep,I Have Missed You!
  • Week 8, Lets Play.
  • Week 9,


Month 3

Here we are looking at soothing baby to avoid over tiredness, travelling with baby, giggles and learning to sit up.


Month 4

Here we are disussing simple steps such as hand control, sleeping habbits and tummy time.


Month 5

Here we are discussing baby progress as our baby learns to sit up. Top tips include learning how to let baby play.


Month 6

Here we run through baby safety, baby’s new ability to play, weaning tips and teething as well as taking baby swimming, baby rolling over intentionally for the first time and backwards crawling.


Month 7

Here we are looking at teething and finger foods. The bottom schuffle techniques and learning to stand up.


Month 8

Its all happening this month with babys first teeth. Crawling, standing and cruising practice as well as mimicing behaviour such as waving and blowing kisses. We discuss going back to work issues and game playing with baby.


Month 9

Here we are discussing baby’s first words, clapping and how baby prepares to take his first steps.


Month 10

Follow us as baby develops his walking skills and playability.


Thanks for taking the time to visit our site. Our baby progress blog is currently updated every other week with all our baby’s progress, highs and lows of parenting.