For tips on choosing the best toys for newborns check below for our guide on what to look out for in the best baby toy as well as the top ten best selling toys for newborns.

Best sellers

1, Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether.

2, Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes.

3, Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag.

4, Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Soothe and Glow Seahorse.

5, Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether.

6, Baby Einstein Bendy Ball.

7, Fisher Price Click’n Learn Remote.

8, Lamaze Cloth Book, Peek-A-Boo Forest.

9, Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Baby’s First Blocks.

10, VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone.


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Best Toys For Newborns

Babies have so many skills to develop. In the first six months they will be busy developing their sense of sight, hearing and touch, along with their motor skills. These skills can all be encouraged and mastered through the art of play.



When babies are born their sense of sight will begin to develop. High contrasts will appeal to them like bold black and white prints as well as the color red. Followed by strong primary colors.



Stimulate your babies sense of touch by choosing toys with various textures. There are so many toys offering bumpy, smooth, soft silky surfaces, these are all great for your baby to discover.



Sounds are great additions to toys. Babies especially love crinkles as its a sound they can easily make. Squeakers, rattles and shakers are also great. Sounds are a good way for your baby to learn cause and effect.



Once baby learns to reach and grab everything will be headed for the mouth. Toys that double up as teethers are great in these early months when your babys teeth are on the way and they need to chew.



Your baby will soon love to grab so toys that have parts for your little one to get their hands round will be appealing and fun for them


Other features

Here are some other features that you may want to consider;

  • Musical tunes, songs, voices and sounds. Where some toys are great with soothing sounds, beware of irritation ones  and toys with poor sound quality. Also look out for volume control and an on off switch.
  • Lights, moving and flashing. Usually battery powered, some toys have lovely lights to attract your baby’s attention.