Creating routine for your baby

Routine and stability is very important for any baby, and parent!  It is worth noting that all babies are different and some will develop routine earlier and later than others.

Zero to four months old

Many experts’ advice is against enforcing rigid routines until your baby reaches four months.  Having said this, it is encouraged to get in to good habits.  This means making sure your baby gets used to taking full, regular feeds rather than just snacking, and sleeping rather than dozing.

The key is all about balance.  Your baby’s two main needs, sleeping and eating, have to be monitored.  Simply put, your baby will not sleep if hungry, and he will not eat if sleepy.  You must, however, be careful in automatically feeding your baby when he starts to cry.  This comfort feeding needs to be observed, the best advice is to listen to your intuition on what is best.

Keeping the routine, although not rigidly, will give you baby the stability he craves.  It will also allow you to have much needed rest, and keep your other relationships in tact.

Four months old

By this time your baby will most likely be happily set in his routine, now is the time that many experts advise to start introducing stricter schedules with set bedtime routine.  There are lots of theories on what is the best bedtime routine, but as usual, what works with one baby will not work with another.

The aim is to calm your baby with the same bedtime routine each night, so that your baby realises that it is time to sleep.  Techniques include;

  • Bathing your baby.
  • Reading Stories.
  • Cuddles.
  • Baby massage.
  • Music.
  • Quiet games.

Try to keep up your routine every night, even if you are not at home.  It will help your baby to settle in the unfamiliar surrounding.