Your newborn will be growing at a rapid pace in the early weeks and is likely to be sleeping for the majority of the time. But as the weeks progress you might find yourself wondering what you can do other than the feeding, changing and sleeping routine to help encourage your baby to progress and to give you some relaxing and more enjoyable time together.

Mother Resting Head on Infant's ChestThe good news is there is plenty you can do. Whether it be in group sessions in your local area or techniques and ideas for activities you can learn online and do at home. So let the fun begin here.


Local group sessions to look out for:

The best classes I have come across aimed at babies below six months which are worth a look are:

  1. Baby massage
  2. Baby yoga
  3. Baby sensory
  4. Swimming

What to expect

Most sessions for babies usually involve an element of singing simple songs as a group. Usually as you carry out actions, or strokes and stretches (for massage and yoga). Babies love to hear you sing and this promotes the sense of fun and happiness throughout the sessions.

You don’t have to be the best singer in the world or even worry about knowing the words. Songs are generally easy to follow and repetitive. You can sing as quietly or loudly as you want. You will find that everyone is just having fun with their own baby just as you will be in your own little world with yours so you barely notice what others are or are not doing.

What are the benefits?

You will benefit from fun interaction with your baby in a new environment. A chance to bond with your baby while you stimulate their senses.You will learn new skills to take home with you and you will be making sure you manage to get out of the house on a regular basis. As well as all this you will be getting the chance to meet with other Moms of the same mindset as yourself. You may go on to make life-long friends.

Not sure if you are ready to commit?

You might be thinking that you are not sure about joining a mom-club just yet but I must urge you to give it a try. Many places should offer a taster session before you commit to a full course (and full payment!) to give you a chance to go along, see what they do and see how your baby responds when trying new things.

What are the alternative options?

If you really can’t bring yourself to commit to regular sessions then there’s no need to worry. Many people either don’t feel it’s for them, don’t manage to get out or find themselves on a tight budget. You can still do your own thing at home. There are many useful tutorials available on youtube to choose from. Just search for baby massage techniques or newborn baby yoga tutorials to get you started.