There are lots of milestones to look forward to in the first year of babies life. Here we are looking at all the big ones from smiling to walking. Be sure to check out our posts for more in-depth info on particular milestones for babies.

Milestones for Babies

With newborn milestones it always seems everyone is in a race to get to the next one. In the first three months your baby has so much to learn the progress may seem slow. My advice is enjoy every moment while it lasts. Your baby will reach all the milestones in good time. Before you know it you will be looking back on photos wondering what happened to your little baby.

Milestones that will usually be reached in the first year are listed below.


The first 3 months.

  • Head and neck strength and control.
  • Smiling, giggling and cooing.
  • Sleeping for longer periods of time.
  • Discovering hands and feet.
  • Improving coordination.
  • Vision development.
  • Attempting to play, using hands to grab and bat toys.

In the first three months, baby really has got a lot of basic skills to learn.


milestones for babies

image by *Ann Gordon on flickr

Up to 6 months

At this stage of life new skills are learned and muscle strength builds up.


Up to 9 months

Baby is now much more aware of surrounding and will become a much more determined individual.


Up to 12 months


Please note that every child is unique and develop at different paces. Especially if your baby was premature. This information is it be used only as a rough guide, some babies will reach milestones much earlier or later than others. Be sure to raise any concerns you may have relating to development and health with your healthcare provider.