New Baby Checklist

The majority of parents, especially new parents, buy way too much for their new baby.  There is obviously nothing wrong in spoiling your baby, in fact it is actively encouraged, but at a time when money will be tight there is no need in going overboard. Here is our new baby checklist with all the baby essentials you should aim to have ready for your baby’s arrival.

What is actually required for your newborn is listed below.  Remember that your friends and family will no doubt buy your baby lots of presents.

Newborn baby checklist;


  • 1 x Moses basket / carry cot and NEW mattress. – For when baby sleeps in the lounge or your bedroom.
  • 4 x Fitted sheets – Because there WILL be diaper leakage!
  • 3 x Cellular Blankets – Depending on season.


  • 6 x Sleep suits – various sizes, as your baby may be bigger or smaller than expected!
  • 2 x Cardigans – A lot easier to put on than pull-overs.
  • 6 x Vests
  • 1 x Hat – Baby will loose a lot of heat from his head.
  • Scratch mittens – To keep him from scratching himself.


  • BabyBath
  • 2 x Large soft towels – Because there WILL be little accidents!
  • Baby nail scissors – Baby nails seem to always be too long.
  • 2 x Baby sponges – one for face, one for body.


  • Nursing Bra – Obviously not if bottle feeding!
  • Breast Pads
  • Breast pump
  • 6 x Bottles – with nipples and caps.
  • Sterilizing kit
  • Muslin squares – for those little dribbles!
  • Soothers/Dummies


  • Diapers – Best not to buy too many until you know the size of you baby.
  • Changing mat – useful to have one upstairs and downstairs.
  • Diaper Genie – because you can’t be running to the trash all day!
  • Nappy cream
  • Cotton wool – lots and lots will be required!
  • Baby wipes
  • Changing bag – make sure you always replace the contents.


  • Baby car seat
  • Pram or newborn stroller


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