This is a review on Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Formula Machine.

  The Perfect Prep machine is used to help you prepare your baby’s formula feed with speed and ease by providing a hot shot of water to sterilise the milk powder and then top the feed up with the correct amount of water, making it exactly the right temperature to give straight to your baby.

This machine is by no means a necessity. But you may choose this machine if you are unable to breast feed and want to take some of the hassle and time out of making a fresh bottle feed.


Special features

The Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Perfect Prep Machine boasts the following features:

  • Makes a feed in under two minutes.
  • Gives you a fresh feed at the perfect temperature.
  • Provides a hot shot of water to sterilise the milk powder.
  • Water filter gets rid of impurities in the water.
  • Provides accuracy when making a feed.
  • Measures in ounces.
  • Plastic.

Things I love about this machine

  • So quick and easy to use what ever the time of day or night.
  • You can relax and enjoy your baby more, you know longer have to predict when baby is going to be hungry and start preparing the feed well in advance so that it’s the correct temp at the right time.
  • You can make a perfect bottle as and when you need it.
  • You don’t have to worry about the feed being too hot for your baby.
  • This machine makes the whole feeding routing and bottle preparation so much easier and gives you more confidence and peace of mind with your new baby.
  • You know the correct amount of water will always be added for you making sure baby’s feed is perfect every time.
  • One less thing to worry about, especially when you are sleep deprived!!

Issues to consider

Over the past year I have come across the following issues with this machine:

  • There is a very loud bleep when the water stops pouring. (Might disturb the whole house during the night or early morning)
  • Temperature warning light comes on (on really hot days) when the water in the machine is too hot. You cannot use the machine with this light on. Not ideal when you need a feed. You need to make sure the machine is positioned in a cool place or keep the water low and top up with cold just before needing to make a feed.
  • Sometimes the water filters through extremely slowly or barely at all. You need to lift the water tray out of the machine and rinse it out if this happens.
  • You have to add the milk powder manually.
  • You need to change the filter every three months which means extra expense.


Who would buy the Tommee Tippee prefect prep formula machine?

Parents who are looking for an easier and more accurate solution to making formula feeds will love this machine.

What Next?

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