The magical thing about babies is their unique personalities. Finding their little bits of you and your partner within them as they grow and develop into their own personality is amazing. You never know what kind of baby you are going to get and the one thing I’ve leaned as a Mom of three is every one of them are very different.

what type of baby


You only have to look at the happy baby and he smiles. Mostly awake during the day and interested in everything. Every passer by just falls in love with him. The happy baby goes crazy for baby toys and gets the most out of every one. You get so many nice comments and baby loves being star of the show.


The sleepy baby mainly eats and sleeps. You have to race to get everything done in his waking hours before nap time again. He is usually content but when he’s hungry you know about it. He is lazy and enjoys sitting and watching the world go by. He is very cuddly, so cuddly you don’t ever want to put him down. Other people make him shy.


The nosey baby has to know everything that is going on. He will turn to any noise and not take his eyes away. He doesn’t sleep too much – doesn’t want to miss out on anything. He will sit in his buggy for ages happily looking at the around. He will fight off sleep. He will be so busy staring at others that he often forgets what he’s doing and falls down. He will be the baby who is looking over your shoulder.


Cheeky baby is full of mischief. Always fooling around with that look in her eye likes she’s about to burst out laughing. She will hide under her own blanket to play peek-a-boo and make you laugh. She will smile often but mainly when you are playing games with her. She will never want the games to stop.


The clumsy baby will poke herself in the eye and cry about it. She will be determined to do everything at an early age but have lots of bumps and falls in the process. The clumsy baby will cause you to have regular ‘heart-attacks’ with all the near misses. You will discover how fast your reflexes are as you catch your little one to prevent countless injuries and bumps.You will start guarding her whenever she moves.


The cry baby will turn heads in supermarkets. Cause others to ‘judge’ you in public for having no control over your baby. They will love making assumptions that your baby must be hungry or tired. She will cause you to spend hours driving or walking around just to get some respite.


The angry baby is very vocal. He shouts for no reason, just to let you know he’s not happy. Most things annoy him. He has you wrapped around your little finger, anything for a quiet life but this one goes too far. He is a light sleeper and mostly wakes up screaming. He even looks grumpy when asleep.


Calm baby will just go with the flow. You can do anything with your baby and she just doesn’t mind. You will be the envy of all mothers as your perfectly behaved baby smiles sweetly – on cue.

Which combination best suits your baby.?