When do babies smile? There is no definite answer to this question as all babies are unique and reach milestones at different paces. Some babies can smile form as young as four weeks old.


When Do Babies Smile?

Many little ones will start to smile when they are between six to eight weeks old although your baby could start to smile before or after this time. They will be practicing facial expressions and it may take a little while before your baby can produce a full wide-mouthed gummy smile.

How Do I Know If Its a REAL Smile?

Babies are born with a reflex smile which can occur any time from birth, including when they are asleep. But how can you tell if your baby is smiling at you for REAL?

You will know when your baby starts to smile for real by picking up some of the following factors.

  • Your baby’s eyes will light up. You will spot the look of excitement in their eyes.
  • Your baby’s smile will occur in response to you. Your facial expressions and/or actions.
When do babies smile

image by *Ann Gordon on flickr


Things you can do to encourage your baby to smile

Communicating with your baby when he or she is content will help to encourage your baby to smile. Your baby will begin to show you signs of what he or she likes. For example they will respond to your facial expressions and try to mimic them. They will start to respond to different sounds that you make. Your baby will then go on to enjoying different games you may play using toys, actions and sounds.

Our baby started of smiling at different sounds we would make with a smiling face. He enjoyed high, low, weird and repeating sounds. He also liked me playing little piggy on his toes and round and round the garden on his hands.

As time goes by your baby’s smiles will become bigger and more frequent as your baby learns how to respond to you.


Still not smiling?

If your baby is still not smiling then don’t worry. He/she will should be smiling by the time they are 12 weeks old.

If you have any concerns always contact your healthcare provider.